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Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ 'Jailbird' Chicken Rub

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Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ 'Jailbird' Chicken Rub

This is the competition rub used to help Harry win the 1st Place USA KCBS Chicken Champion 2012 Team of the Year (TOY) chicken category. The competition takes place over a 1 year period and whomever collects the most points from best-of-ten KCBS sanctioned events is the winner. Harry had placed third in chicken in the nation in 2010 and continued to refine his chicken rub until he hit the top spot in 2012. This rub is recommended on chicken, turkey, duck, and seafood

Denna är en rekommendation av en kund som älskar denna rub och ville att vi skulle ta in den, och vad gör vi inte för våra kunder?!?

// South Side BBQ.