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Sucklebuster Mo Joe Chile Lime Rub (113g)

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Mo Joe Chile Lime Seasoning

The only thing better than Joe is...Mo Joe! From the world-famous man himself, Mr. Joe-Joe Torres, Chile Lime Seasoning. This tangy and spicy seasoning was born for the grill but also works well on a flat-top, Tex-Mex, or 'rimmin your favorite cold drink! Mo Joe Chile Lime has an excellent base of salt, pepper, garlic with the added chiles and lime, along with a good dose of Joe-Joe's "sumptin-sumptin" to make this all-purpose seasoning great all by itself or as a finishing sprinkle. It has that little extra kick to keep you coming back for! Sprinkle and enjoy my friends. Tell 'um Joe-Joe sent ya!

Flavor Profile: Salt-pepper-garlic + chiles and lime

Heat Level: Medium (chile)

Use on: Seafood, chicken, Tex-Mex

Ingredients: Sea salt, black pepper, garlic, chile pepper, lime juices powder, and spices 

- No MSG

- Gluten-Free