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Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ 'Moola' Beef Rub

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ 'Moola' Beef Rub

Slap Yo' Daddy 'Moola' Beef Rub is the competition rub used to help Harry to win 1st Place KCBS Ranchers Reserve Brisket Cup 2010 and 1st Place KCBS Ranchers Reserve Beef Cup 2011.  Harry had the unprecedented honor of winning this prestigious national title two years in a row and received a standing ovation at the pitmasters award ceremony in Kansas City.  This award-winning rub which contains special ingredients such as powdered Shitake mushrooms and Worcestershire powder is recommended on brisket, steaks, hamburgers, tri-tip, and sausages.

Harry Soos rubs are artisan products that are not commercially produced but hand-mixed in small batches.  Only the finest and freshest ingredients that meet Harrys strict specifications are used and this guarantees a Championship BBQ taste youll remember.

Denna är en rekommendation av en kund som älskar denna rub och ville att vi skulle ta in den, och vad gör vi inte för våra kunder?!?

// South Side BBQ.